COVID-19 HCA & Qualified Carer Masterclass

We at HCA & Carers Ireland believe that having the right information from respective sources is required for the best practice of care. We know that these times, which are filled with uncertainty is very hard to work in.

We have received so many messages over the past few months about information regarding COVID-19. As you all know we have a great team here at HCA & Carers Ireland with a variety of different areas of expertise. 

So we have listened to the masses!

We are planning on having a zoom masterclass all around COVID-19; this class will be a pre-registration class in which you will all need to sign up for and will receive an email with an access code to connect into the course.

The course will include material to read after the course,

areas which will be covered include:

  • Basic information on COVID-19

  • Signs and Symptoms

  • Spread

  • How to Stop Spread

  • To Isolate or Quarantine? is there a difference

  • Contact Tracing - the importance of it

  • PPE

  • Working in Homecare

  • Working in Nursing home (Clusters)

  • Working in Residential Care

  • Working in Hospitals

  • Testing

  • Q & A

To sign-up fill the form below. Please note that this course is more aimed at working HCAs and Qualified Carers but Students of same are more than welcome.

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