HCA & Carers Ireland Research

In a bid to represent the Irish population of Health Care Assistants (HCAs) and Qualified Carers, HCA & Carers Ireland have developed links with professionals and professional bodies within the area of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Nursing, Clinical Medicine, Paramedics and Health Services Research and Public Health. These connections allow for research to be completed in a respective manner; which is anonymous and valid.

HCA & Carers Ireland performs both qualitative and quantitative research activities; which are carried out by suitably qualified researchers.

Current Research activities include:

Minor Projects include ongoing

(Facebook initiated activities)

  • Surveillance of Inequalities Regarding Practice & Training

  • Surveillance of Inequalities Regarding Employment Issues including PayScale & Rates

  • Self-Care Initiative with Feedback response

  • Senior HCA Educational Attainment Surveys

  • Senior HCA & Carer to Juniors Intuition Series

Major Projects include:

  • National Study in association with University College Dublin CSTAR * More information Here

  • HCA & Carers Annual Conference – A varied mix of healthcare professionals covering all multidisciplinary areas.

  • Educational Hub for Home Care - Fact Check Carers’ Initiative

We have been published in a variety of settings which include:

- ResearchGate

- Lenus - Irish Health Research Repository

- HSE Library - Dr. Steevens Hospital Library