Health Care Assistants are the backbone of our health system. They are the unsung heroes working in our hospitals, our nursing homes and in our communities. They are the staff who our most vulnerable citizens, our older generation, our disabled population and our children, turn to on a daily basis, when needing care to carry out life’s daily activities, when needing support to be able to live independently and perhaps most importantly when needing simple human contact and social interaction.

Health Care Assistants play a pivotal role in ensuring our health system and in turn our society looks after those in need of care and support and yet these frontline staff are an undervalued and often neglected resource.

Health Care Assistants often find themselves with very poor employment conditions and with limited opportunities to make a career and advance in their chosen pathway. Unlike nearly every other cohort of professionals in the health care sector, Health Care Assistants have no official body to promote their worth or to act as a support to their members.

HCA and Carers Ireland want to change that. We want to give carers a forum and a real voice for the first time. We are not a Union but we will advocate on behalf of our members with regard being valued and with regard the role carers can play in the health care continuum. We will do this by communicating the views of our members to government, the HSE, HIQA and other relevant stakeholders.

We will also provide carers with a safe forum where carers can exchange information, views and generally support each other without fear of interference or outside influences.

We want our website and Association to be viewed as a valuable resource for all carers to further their careers and turn caring into a respected and appreciated profession considering the incredibly important work carers carry out on a daily basis.

Our health system is presently under severe pressure with demand for services ever increasing and limited room for increasing financial resources. It is imperative that we do more with less
going forward and in order to achieve this, every part of our health service will have to play its part by maximising its contribution and in many cases taking on extra responsibilities.

Health Care Assistants are ready and willing to play their part and we want our association to be a conduit and enabler for our members to do this.

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