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Stop the #Misinformation

As many of you know, we at HCA & Carers Ireland believe in science, well vetted and secure information. We have become sickened by the utter amount of misinformation which many of our followers have been seeing on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Nonetheless, the misinformation being passed from care worker to care worker is atrocious, we have also seen issues of misinformation coming from managements in care companies too.

Please only believe information given from reliable sources, we have these reliable sources available online here on our website

Why cause mass panic, for no reason! We have provided some of this facetious (you can guess this words meaning) misinformation and advertisements. Please do not believe hearsay remember at we believe it kills and in this situation it CAN.

These below have gone around to so many phones and to so many people Doctors, Nurses, HCAs and Guards! No profession is resistant from misinformation!

#NoToPanic #FALSE #FAKENEWS #RealNewsBusters

Keep Safe, Wash Your Hands,

We are here for you !

Karl F Conyard


Public Health Advisor for HCA & Carers Ireland

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