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Research Team and Topics Agreed

To our wonderful members,

We now have a full research team of nine research members (also called a consortium; aptly called the HCA-CARE Consortium). On our research team we have a variety of backgrounds most importantly we have HCAs and Carers on the research team to make sure this project keeps the voice of all of the to be respondents.

Our team includes experts in Public Health Medicine, Research, Nursing, Psychology, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Law, Human Resources, Health Sciences and Mental Health.

Since there is little to no research in Ireland regarding HCAs or Qualified carers.

Since this is the first study we have decided to do plan and complete a full scoping study called a quantitative (numbers based), observational cross-sectional population-based study.

This study will be anonymous to protect all HCAs and Carers who complete this study, no names, company names or identifiers will be collected. All settings and sectors will be looked at within this study.

Areas we will be looking at include:

  • Distribution of Sectors, Care Settings

  • Issues of the everyday HCA / Qualified Carer

  • General Well Being and Health of HCAs / Qualified Carers

  • Career Satisfaction of HCAs / Qualified Carers

  • Changes HCAs /Qualified Carers Would like to see happen in their occupation

We will also see if there are any statistical relationships, difference, correlation and advanced statistical findings between sectors and care settings.

All work being carried out will be carried out by qualified personnel within the Consortium

Remember #Yourvoicematters !!!

Just to keep you all updated

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