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HCAs : Interim Report on Covid-19 in Nursing Homes Special Committee on Covid-19 Response July 2020

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The Recommendations laid out below were developed to help strengthen the infrastructure which is not in existence currently. The reports main stance is regarding prevention of Covid-19 within Irish nursing homes. Those recommendations all rely on an interconnection of other very important factors. For example safe staffing levels ties into terms and conditions of employment which tie into regulation and protection of certain titles, practices and tied all within these themes we observe safe centered care.

We at HCA & Carers are happy to see that similar recommendations very similar to our own national study 'Healthcare Assistants and Qualified Carers, a trained,

but untapped underutilised resource: A population based study in Ireland of skillset, career satisfaction, wellbeing and change across all sectors and care settings' (which can be found here) have been noted in detail; in regards to regulation of HCAs, Staffing ratios, terms and conditions of employment and all the interconnecting features which would make the role of a HCA more professional and more protected and best practice driven. Our report was made available to many within the HSE due to its availability within the HSE library.

The Committee recommends that HCAs should have a protected title and formal regulation which would also require standardised education, skillset and practices for all. Recommendation 14 and 15 specifically look at staffing ratios and how they can be strengthened to protect the patient/resident but also of that of the nurse/HCA.

Access to sick pay and other important terms and conditions were also noted as being of importance for the longevity of Nursing Home Care in Ireland.

As Always Thank you and we hope you are all keeping Safe!

HCA & Carers Ireland Team

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