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COVID-19 Nursing Homes Expert Panel: Examination of Measures to 2021: Information on HCAs

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

We at HCA & Carers Ireland,

We have been very fortunate to have expert knowledge available to us as an organisation and as experts in the area of healthcare assistantship and care. We are very happy to say that we fully back the recommendations set by the Panel.

The report which can be found here, called COVID-19 Nursing Homes Expert Panel: Examination of Measures to 2021: Final Report

Published by the Irish Government, this report which has drawn from many resources was created to direct legislation of Nursing Home care in Ireland in an unbiased way!

The Report looks at multiple areas in which affect HCAs and Carers within a Nursing Home environment.

Areas like staffing ratio and training were focused on. "Many of the contributions to the Panel have raised issues about staffing levels in nursing homes including the number of nurses x grade, the number of healthcare assistants and the nurse /healthcare assistant ratio. A requirement that staff have gerontological nursing and QQI training for healthcare assistant staff was stressed. The view, as expressed by private nursing homes, is that their staffing levels compare less favourably to those in public and voluntary funded residential care facilities."(p.81)

Recommendations include:

"Formalising the grade and qualifications for healthcare assistants were also

proposed."(p.81) There are no clear guidelines on the minimum number of

qualified staff who should be on duty, the minimum standards of qualification and training and protocols for ongoing needs assessment, dependency and care planning.(p.95)

All recommendations are made to assist legislation regarding Nursing Home care in its fight against COVID-19. The recommendations recognise that unbiased, practice-led, research-led evidenced-based led care is the only standard that should be accepted.

Thank you to all in Nursing Home Care

You are All Truly Heros on the Frontline of this War!

Making Do and Carrying On!


From All at HCA & Carers Ireland