Mental Health
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To celebrate 50 Years of Mental Health Ireland; HCA & Carers Ireland believe that a little CPD in the area of your Mental Health is needed for the new year!

We at HCA & Carers Ireland acknowledge the importance of mental health; this is in regards to HCAs, Carers, Healthcare workers, Patients and Society on a whole.


HCAs and Mental Health

We know that the job a HCA carries out, is filled with stress; our skills cross the lines of the cradle to the very last moments of a persons' life, we care for people in every stage of the life cycle. This awesome responsibility mixed with personal circumstances and a challenging system in which we work can be a breathing ground for issues regarding our mental health.


It's okay to be sad, it is okay to feel happy and its okay to feel angry. We get many questions about dealing with the bereavement of patients on a daily basis. It is okay to feel emotion; the day you feel no emotion for what you do is a day that we hope you will never meet.


Talk to co-workers, other half’s, family, professionals and anyone you feel who can listen to you, who will let you vent or talk about worrying ideas without any guilt.


What is Mental Health

According to the World Health Organisation Mental health is essential for the well-being and functioning of individuals.

  • Good mental health is an important resource for individuals, families, communities, and nations.

  • Mental health, as an indivisible part of general health, contributes to the functions of society and has an effect on overall productivity.

  • Mental health concerns everyone as it is generated in our everyday lives in homes, schools, workplaces, and in leisure activities.

  • Positive mental health contributes to the social, human, and economic capital of every society.

  • Spirituality can make a significant contribution to mental health promotion and mental health influences spiritual life.

(Mental Health Ireland, 2020)



We have listed some documents below which may help you in your practice.

We also recommend talking about what bothers you when you can and to know that you are never alone.

Look at websites like:


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Mental Health

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