Jackie Flannery

Study Contributor

HCA, SNA, EMT, IILEx & CIPD HRM &  Dip.Legal studies and Practice

Jackie Flannery has trained and worked in a variety of different areas from catering, health to the legal arena all within an Irish context. She has worked as a legal secretary for fifteen years; then progressed into the area of special needs assistance which led her to the area of healthcare provision. After CIPD Diploma in human resources; Jackie undertook a diploma in legal studies and practice at Griffith College, Dublin. Jackie is also a qualified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Her variety of educational attainment has meant that Jackie has a plethora of skills in which she has applied to the area of mental health, specifically within the area of rehabilitation and recovery. Jackie has recently finished additional training within the area of mental health. Jackie’s research interest include the areas of mental health, psychiatry and care provision.

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