Interprofessional Care - IPC/MDT

We at HCA & Carers Ireland recognise the importance of interprofessional care also called multi-disciplinary care within healthcare

 "Interprofessional care" refers to care provided by a team of healthcare professionals with overlapping expertise and an appreciation for the unique contribution of other team members as partners in achieving a common goal" Donovan et al. (2018).


It is important to note that no one can know it all or do it all; this is why Multi-disciplinary Care is so Important in the practice of Healthcare. HCAs are sometimes seen as the bottom of the pecking order but we do so much regarding patient care that we are sometimes forgotten as being apart of the framework of patient care. This is changing for the better as scope of practice changes for all healthcare workers so does the scope of HCAs. This is a fact, HCAs now in 2020 are doing a lot more compared to our counterparts who practised our craft back in 2002, 1992, 1982.....etc.

These changes for some are scary; feeling that the role should be just basic care, but training standards have improved over the years and so has the role in its entirety. There are HCAs found nearly in all areas of healthcare as compared to hospital and care home only situations in the past. You can even find Clinic (Practice) HCAs in GP Clinics up and down the country, who take observations and in some cases take blood samples (obviously trained).

For HCAs and Qualified Carers, it can be hard as Scope of practice nationally is not set in stone and it can change almost like the Irish Weather. But in saying this do not feel your voice is not warranted. HCAs have a voice and we are aware of this so one should use it. In short, we all are part of an interconnected process of health, we all are intermingled with Nurses, Doctors, Physios and all other Healthcare Workers, everyone in a way is a link in a bridge which bridges the gap between unhealthy/unwell to healthy. 

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Healthcare Workers and IPC/MDT

HCAs are usually included in Nursing Team within Acute Hospital Care and are usually a standalone group in other care settings which include nursing home care, Community care and Palliative care settings.


A recent pathway developed by students from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), (Rassam.R; O'Reilly.G; Conyard.KF & Alhaddabi.M; Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin. 2019) shows the inter-connectedness of healthcare professionals in healthcare both within acute hospitals and community care this could be expanded on to explain continuous care and acute hospital care.  As seen each profession is interconnected with others each with its own unique point of view, scope of practice and key knowledge base driven by research, practice and experience.