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October 2016 was the beginning of HCA & Carers Ireland, a Facebook group, set up by Allison Metcalfe.

Allison, has been a tireless campaigner for improved conditions and for support for Healthcare Workers.

Our first conference took place in 2017.

Allison's vision is to have an Association representing carers at both a local and national level, and have a register of carers in order to improve the status of healthcare workers. We believe that Carers are the backbone of the healthcare industry and are undervalued within the healthcare system.
Health Care Assistants are the backbone of our health system. They are the unsung heroes working in our hospitals, our nursing homes and in our communities.
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Who you are...
Let’s clear this up... HCA (Health Care Assistant), Carer, Support Workers, Care Assistant, Personal Assistants, Community Support Worker, Nurses Aid, Nursing Auxiliary, all belong to the same profession but may use different titles depending on the area you work in.

For example you could be working in a Hospital on weekdays and be a HCA and in Home Care at weekends and your title would be a "Carer.”
This website is the ‘The Go to Place’ for support and learning and where you can learn and share anything related to the Healthcare Sector.
We are a professional organisation. We offer Support and leadership for professional health care assistants.
We work for you, with you!
The recent ERSI report into the future needs of healthcare workers, highlighted that it was amongst carers where we would face the biggest increase in demand.
A staggering 54% increase. In addition, the Department of Health’s own Health Service Capacity Review recommends a 50% increase in the primary care workforce.
There are more Carers and Healthcare Assistants like you than you may know of!
Health Care Assistants/Carers provide the majority of the direct patient care and make up the largest group of employees working in health care facilities today.
Health care Assistants are a vital part of the healthcare team for patients and clients in a variety of healthcare settings.  You can make a difference in the lives of patients of all ages.
The demand for qualified Health Care Assistants is expected to continue to grow over the next few years.
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“Caring for those who Care”
HCA & Carers Ireland
Health Care Assistants provide predictability and stability to care, which in turn enhances the feeling of security for our aging, frail or chronically challenged population. They also bring wisdom, patience, humour and a general attitude of caring to the daily lives of those they care for.
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