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HCA and Carers Ireland & University College Dublin CSTAR Research Collaboration 2019 (Final Report to be Released in Early 2020)

National Republic of Ireland Study on Health Care Assistants & Professional Carers

This study was brought into being by a collective consortium of nine members all from a variety of different schools of thought, all focused in presenting a true picture of the reality of health care assistants and qualified carers on the island of Ireland. The Consortium members include qualified professionals and are associated with professional bodies within the area of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Psychology, Nursing, Clinical Medicine and Health Services Research and Public Health. We most importantly have Healthcare Assistants on our team Too!

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This Study was kindly completed and funded as a pro-bono project by the Centre for Support and Training in Analysis and Research at University College Dublin (UCD CSTAR)  for HCA and Carers Ireland, the social association for healthcare assistants and qualified carers in Ireland in respect of its altruistic work and continuous commitment to HCA and Carer Education, Support and Health.

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HCA & Carers Ireland & UCD CSTAR National Study 2019

HCA & Carers Ireland & UCD CSTAR National Study 2019

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This project came into being from there being a serious lack in published Irish based research on the general wellbeing, career satisfaction and general opinion of Irish Health Care Assistants and Qualified Carers within a population-based context. Health Care Assistants/Carers provide the majority of direct patient care and make up the largest group of employees working in health care facilities today. 

This project aims to provide correct, population-based results, to assist in better legislation, informed opinion and statistically sound information coming from the voice's affected by said opinions and legislation.


Regarding this study’s methodology this report named “Healthcare Assistants & Qualified Carers ‘A Trained, Underutilised and Untapped Resource’ is the first-ever quantitative Irish population-based study, using a multi-disciplinary model to observe skillset, career satisfaction, wellbeing and change in all sectors and settings of care.  


This report has also observed the most up to date research, historical contexts and reasoning around the role up to this current time. The following areas have been included in our Literature Review 
•    History of Function, Role and Purpose of Caregiving
•    Issues Affecting Healthcare Workers Nationally and Internationally
•    National and International Training, Rules and Core Competencies


Results of our study are in a variety of formats which include a selection of descriptive statistical tests based on frequency, distribution. Comparative statistics which include tests of association, difference, correlation and regression.


Discussion focuses on the generalisability of findings and looks at each setting in each sector observing findings and draws meaning from the findings into what presents in the vocation.


Recommendation set out by the consortium of this study are based on the findings and we hope that these recommendations will prove useful to policymakers, agencies and other researchers in this ever-emerging field regarding the utility of Health Care Assistants and Qualified Carers in all Sectors and Settings on the Island of Ireland.

The Study was released online on Thursday, 5th of March 2020