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"Caring for those who care"
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What is a HCA?

A HCA (Health Care Assistant), Carer, Support Workers, Care Assistant, Personal Assistants, Community Support Worker, Nurses Aid, Nursing Auxiliary, all belong to the same profession but may use different titles depending on the area you work in.
For example you could be working in a Hospital on weekdays and be a HCA and in Home Care at weekends and your title would be a "Carer.”

Health Care Assistants/Carers provide the majority of direct patient care and make up the largest group of employees working in health care facilities today.


Health Care Assistants are a vital part of the healthcare team for patients and clients in a variety of healthcare settings.  Making a difference in the lives of patients of all ages. HCAs work in many care settings, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospices, Respite Centres, Day Care, Home Care, Residential Homes to name some.  




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All Things to All Beings

We at HCA & Carers Ireland, seen the below picture and it really struck a chord with our Community of HCAs and Qualified Carers. A carer's role is truly diverse, where you can be providing a variety of care types, all within such a short interaction time.  Every aspect of living comes into our realm of practice (provided your qualified to do so for the more senior skills). We are so lucky to have a window to see the true human condition; from the cradle to the grave we see patients, service users, residents and clients. It takes a very special kind of human to do this line of work, and we at HCA & Carers Ireland just want to say Thank You for all of your efforts to keep the people you care for safe, happy and healthy!

We know your worth it! In short; thank you for being YOU!  

#Carers #HCA #YourValued #HumanCondition


Would Like to say a gigantic Thank you to all the HCAs & Carers who have been working so hard throughout this Pandemic. You all are heroes!

You are all preventing COVID-19 spread by your hard work in prevention and care. Thank you for staying the course!

#Heros #HCAs #Carers #COVID19

We are here for you Always!